A comparison of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery

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cosmetic-surgery-proceduresThere is a close relation between Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery though they don’t refer to the same procedure. However, they both focus on improving the body of a patient.

All the procedures and techniques of cosmetic surgery aim at enhancing the appearance of the patient. Its main goals are enhancing aesthetic appeal, proportion, and symmetry of the body parts. These procedures can be performed in all areas of the body. These are elective procedures and are performed after a personal decision. The surgery is performed by several doctors from different fields and even those qualified for plastic surgery.

The existing forms of cosmetic procedures include:

  1. Facial and body contouring
  2. Breast and butt enhancement
  • Facial and skin rejuvenation

On the other hand, plastic surgery focuses to repair defects to reconstruct the body part into a normal function. It is a surgical procedure that restores to normal functioning the body defects caused by disorders, burns, trauma and other diseases. This is a procedure that is reconstructive in nature and rectifies the dysfunctional parts of the body.

The scope of procedures in plastic surgery include:

  • Repair of burnt areas
  • Repair of disfigured body parts
  • Reconstruction of the lower extremity

The training of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are conducted separately because each of them has distinctive goals.

In conclusion, there is a clear difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. What most people seek for beauty purposes is cosmetic surgery; plastic surgery is only done to restore defects.

What are the most common cosmetic surgery procedures?

Breast Augmentation

For many women, the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure is breast augmentation. This procedure is popular with both women of a younger and older age. Fortunately, the cost to have this procedure performed has come down a lot over the last few years. In regards to the general safety of having the procedure is generally quite safe with very few complications arising if performed with an experienced plastic surgeon.

Tummy Tuck

This is also another popular procedure that many people choose to have. A tummy tuck is quite different to liposuction in that with a tummy tuck also known an abdominoplasty, which is surgical fat removal. What this means is that a good amount of excess loose skin is removed from around the abdomen and they stitched up leaving a tight stomach. The procedure is more involved than that of breast augmentation or liposuction.  You can read more about abdominoplasty here.


The second most popular cosmetic procedure is liposuction. In the last half a century our society has largely become grossly overweight and liposuctionlazy in relation to exercise. This has lead to many individuals looking for the easy way to lose weight and often seek out a cosmetic surgeon to perform liposuction to suck away the excess fat on their body. The procedure is generally straightforward and is only a day procedure. The cost is generally in the $3000 to $ 4000 range.

Face enhancement

As people start to get old visible signs of aging start to appear. This is rather disturbing to many and will often prompt one to track action to offset this process. These days there are many cosmetic procedures that are available to improve the face and restore one’s youthful appearance. For example, dermal fillers are often employed to fill out the face and help bring back a plump appearance. Other treatments such as laser resurfacing is another great method to reduce wrinkles and restore collagen.  A surgical facelift is also very common and is very effective at tightening the skin.

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